MARS Apprentice | Season 15
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what is mars apprentice

MARS is an acronym for Marketing, Advertising, Retail and Sales. These are the four pillars used to build a strong foundation and develop the next generation of Marketing leaders at DeGroote. The program is designed using the following principles of experiential learning:

Reflect Reality

MARS reflects real world needs, increasing students’ problem-solving abilities and ability to construe meaning.

Reveal Thinking

MARS reveals how students solve problems, not just the final answer, since reasoning determines students’ ability to transfer learning.

Accelerate Collaboration

MARS is not be limited to solo performances, since much of life requires an ability to work in cooperation with others.

Expose Methodology

MARS allows for more than one way to do things or more than one answer to a question, since real-life situations rarely have only one correct alternative.

MARS Apprentice is unique to the DeGroote School of Business and the only program of its kind in Canada. It has been built as a tripartite collaboration between students, industry and academia.

New Season. New Mars.

Founded in 2005, MARS Apprentice has already produced 150+ market-ready alumni and enabled over 80 enviable career starts. This year, MARS Apprentice enters its 14th season where the stakes have never been higher as the program evolves to keep pace with the fourth industrial revolution.

We’ll always stay true to our core principles, but are consistently look to future-proof the program for what’s to come.

the program design

Each year over 50 upper year students apply to participate in MARS Apprentice. The industry partners help select the most deserving 12 who are then assigned into two teams using a personality insights test.

The Brief

The TWO teams of SIX students each are provided with a real world business case by an industry partner each week.

The Hustle

The teams develop real world solutions through extensive research and analysis and prepare a final presentation of their solution


The teams present their solutions to and are evaluated by a judging panel consisting of industry experts and the ‘Boardroom Sponsors’ management team










Academia meets industry yet again. MasterClasses are hands-on workshops focusing on trending topics in the world of marketing, advertising, retail and sales.

Join us as learning partners including Microsoft, Canadian Tire Bank, Pepsico, Jan Kelley and MLSE will be running 2 hour workshops every Wednesday on campus during first semester.